Solving Estate & Trust Disputes

With Thoughtful Strategies

An experienced Florida trial lawyer, Brandon Forgione focuses his practice on resolving the difficult issues that arise after the loss of a family member. Whether you need access to information about a family member’s estate, want help claiming your inheritance or have to overcome an estate, probate or trust dispute, Forgione Law is the firm to call.

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Thoughtful Estate Law Representation

You may be emotionally frustrated trying to deal with these estate administration or probate disputes, and you might not understand the legal process. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Attorney Brandon Forgione will explain the law related to your circumstances in plain language and guide you in making informed decisions.

At Forgione Law, you will get the legal support every step of the process. When you have lost a loved one, litigation is difficult and stressful, and there is a lot on the line, financially, emotionally and otherwise. It is important to have counsel who will not only explain your rights but also help you get through the process.

Estate Disputes

Estate Administration


You should have access to your attorney and an understanding of your case, and that’s part of why so many clients choose Forgione Law. Attorney Brandon Forgione draws from more than a decade of insight and experience in estate litigation to provide the legal counsel his clients are seeking. Brandon aims to give you clarity and the good advice you need to make smart decisions. He is committed to promptly responding to your inquiries and walking you through the issues in your matter, even on evenings, nights and weekends.

Trial Readiness

Brandon Forgione takes pride in his law firm and in his name. He believes his filings in court and all the work he provides clients should always be the high-quality, polished work products you would expect from a top-dollar law firm. While he cannot guarantee outcomes – no lawyer can – his primary focus is helping you with a strategy to obtain results in a timely manner.

Brandon prepares each case for trial. While most cases settle, and settlement is often a prudent resolution of disputes, trial readiness ensures that you have maximum leverage throughout the proceeding and the ability to go the distance when necessary.


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