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Protect Yourself And The Estate You Are Administering

You may find yourself in charge of the administration of an estate if you were named as an executor or trustee in testamentary documents, or if your loved one died without a will. Alternatively, you may be a business partner of the deceased or a potential beneficiary or heir to assets from a family member’s estate. As such, you wish for clarity regarding the probate and estate administration processes that may affect you. Regardless of what your role is, you are doing the right thing by looking for advice from a knowledgeable probate law attorney.

At Forgione Law, you will find a lawyer who takes pride in the quality of his work as well as the satisfaction and trust of his clients. Attorney Brandon Forgione stands out among his legal peers in the Stuart, Florida, area because he focuses his practice solely on estates, particularly the resolution of probate and estate litigation. Many clients seek his help to settle estates in ways that will minimize or eliminate the potential for legal challenges during these processes.

Meet The Challenge In A Timely Manner

As a personal representative or executor, you may be responsible for:

  • Filing the will with the probate court along with a petition to act as personal representative or to have that person’s identity confirmed
  • Notifying creditors and paying them as required
  • Taking an inventory of all assets in the estate
  • Responding to claims from anyone who believes they have an interest in an estate such as lienholders or children who lack legal standing through paternity actions, adoption or other ways of verifying their eligibility to inherit assets
  • Submitting accounting to the probate court
  • Distributing assets to the correct beneficiaries or heirs
  • Filing a final income tax return and closing the estate

As a trustee, you may be responsible for administering a trust in accordance with all laws. Even if it seems straightforward, you should get legal advice. Learn how to protect yourself from allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or any other wrongdoing related to the trust or assets within it.

Settle An Estate And Resolve Any Disputes Effectively

At Forgione Law, you will find the direction you are looking for as you prepare to administer the estate of a family member or anyone else for whom you are a designated personal representative. If troubles arise, he can help you find the most efficient path to resolution. From his office in Stuart, Florida, attorney Forgione can share the benefits of his decade of experience in estate administration and litigation.

Mr. Forgione and his staff make every effort to be responsive and deliver top-notch legal work. You can expect transparency in pricing and billing along with the results you are looking for. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 561-730-3926 or send an email inquiry. Attorney Forgione or a trusted staff member will get back to you promptly.