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When Heirship Is In Question Or Paternity Disputes Affect The Settling Of An Estate

When celebrities die with questionable estate planning clouding the picture, the problems sometimes become headlines in publications around the world. Uncertainties can become blatant when alleged sons and daughters born outside of marriage come forward.

Sometimes, the deaths of relatively unknown people also trigger heirship and paternity disputes. Stepchildren or others who were raised but never formally adopted by a recently deceased person sometimes seek to stake a claim in an estate. At Forgione Law in Stuart, Florida, people involved in such disputes have access to an experienced estate dispute attorney.

How These Conflicts Sometimes Play Out

The proliferation of DNA databases has made family trees more complicated than they seem on the surface. Unconventional family units have also become more common in recent years, sometimes leading to confusion and disputes over inheritances after a death.

It is true that a decedent’s heirs are not always readily apparent. When that is the case, Florida law allows an interested person to seek to confirm the proper heirs. An heirship and paternity case may help reveal whether a purported child is, in fact, an heir of the decedent.

Get Answers And Resolutions Now

If you are a child of a recently deceased person but you lack legal status to prove it, reach out to attorney Forgione. Or, if you need help to protect an estate from unfounded claims from someone claiming to be part of the family, attorney Forgione will show you how to do that.

At Forgione Law, you will find a trial lawyer with extensive experience in heirship and paternity cases. If you have questions about heirship or paternity, please contact the firm. Get answers and advice from attorney Forgione that will help you and others with claims to the estate to resolve your dispute cost-effectively and without delay. Call 561-730-3926 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free consultation.