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When Life Insurance Designations Lead To Disputes

Life insurance involves a contract with the decedent and insurance company to pay a benefit upon the death of the insured decedent. Most of the time – but not always – the life insurance is distributed pursuant to a beneficiary designation on file with the insurer.

Sometimes, however, there are compelling reasons to justify claims that beneficiaries were not correct or were not recorded in line with the insured deceased person’s wishes. If you and other members of your family are engaged in conflicts or controversies over life insurance beneficiary designations and the deceased person lived in Florida, turn to Forgione Law in Florida for clarity and guidance.

Why Contact Forgione Law About Life Insurance Disputes?

Attorney Brandon Forgione is committed to helping clients understand and resolve problems that arise in connection with estates, financial accounts held by someone who died, life insurance policies and homestead rights, to name a few.

He is responsive and attentive to potential and existing clients alike. He will gladly evaluate your case to determine whether life insurance policy designations were possibly incorrect or warranted changing – such as after a second marriage.

When Challenges To Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations Come To Light

Changes to life insurance beneficiary designations are subject to many of the same challenges as wills and trusts, including alleged lack of capacity and undue influence.

A beneficiary designation made pursuant to a power of attorney can also be invalidated if, for example, the power of attorney does not allow for such changes or the agent was not acting solely in accordance with the policyholder’s wishes.

Get Information And Help

At Forgione Law, P.A., you can work with a probate litigation attorney who has experience in life insurance disputes.

If you have questions about a life insurance dispute, please contact Forgione Law, P.A., by calling 561-730-3926 or sending an email message. Initial consultations are free.