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Resolve Your Estate Dispute Fairly And Efficiently

Unfortunately, estate disputes are very common, the result of family tensions, incomplete estate planning,  complications related to assets or business interests, or doubts about the authenticity of testamentary documents.

Regardless of your relation to the estate – the executor, a beneficiary, an overlooked family member, a business partner or a biological child who was never legally acknowledged through a paternity action – if you believe the estate is being handled unfairly or you have been accused of wrongdoing, you do not have to address the matter on your own. Attorney Brandon Forgione has dedicated his legal practice to resolving estate disputes of all kinds and has an impressive record of helping families sort through these difficult situations fairly and efficiently.

If you are in a fight over a loved one’s estate, Forgione Law in Stuart, Florida, can provide the knowledgeable legal service you need to move forward. The estate litigation law firm serves Martin County and all of Southeastern Florida.

Do You Have A Cause Of Action To Pursue An Estate Dispute?

You can challenge someone’s will or estate plan if you have valid legal reasons. It’s possible to challenge it if you believe:

  • The testator’s estate plan is difficult to interpret.
  • The testator lacked sound cognitive judgment at the time they created their estate plan.
  • The testator made decisions about their estate plan under undue influence.
  • Alternate estate planning documents exist that are legally valid and reflect the testator’s legitimate wishes.

Beyond challenging the validity of the estate plan itself, there may also be cause if you believe the estate executor or personal representative or trustee has made a mistake, is mishandling their duties or disposing of your loved one’s assets improperly.

Ultimately, a successful estate dispute will require sound evidence in support of the allegations. The process of administering an estate can be complex and it needs to be done at a time when emotions are running high, so it is possible that an honest mistake was made by the party or parties handling the estate administration. A lawyer’s first step is to show the mistake and negotiate a positive resolution as soon as possible. However, Forgione Law, P.A. is trial-ready and prepared to litigate estate disputes as far as necessary to get the outcome that is fair.

How Can You Defend Against Allegations That You’re Mishandling An Estate?

If you’re an executor and facing accusations about mishandling your loved one’s estate, it’s important to collect documents immediately to create an effective defense and ensure you’re keeping lines of communication open with all parties involved.

And, of course, seek the help of an experienced estate litigation attorney. Forgione Law, P.A. can help you effectively navigate estate conflicts of all kinds and either defend against allegations of wrongdoing or resolve legitimate issues that you may have missed while trying to navigate a complex process during an emotional time. As someone who has worked on both sides of these disputes, Attorney Brandon Forgione understands the needs and concerns of both parties and can use this knowledge to help provide a significant advantage when navigating will, trust and estate disputes.

How To Settle Family Estate Disputes

Perhaps your brother disagrees with the way you are carrying out your duties as the appointed personal representative in charge of administering an estate. He may have looked online for advice and found misinformation that escalated his doubts, leading him to make accusations that you have mishandled the estate. Maybe some members of the family agree with him. Maybe some agree with you. With acrimony increasing on both sides, the conflict may soon take on a life if its own. If you and your brother are not careful, anything that either of you “win” may be overshadowed by mounting legal costs.

Attorney Forgione typically hears expressions of strong emotions during initial consultations over estate disputes. Thanks to his decade of experience in estate litigation, he often succeeds at helping clients and their legal opponents discover pathways to cost-effective, peaceful – or at least satisfactory – resolution of one or more of the following inheritance disputes:

You may believe that you need to know how to win an estate dispute. In fact, what you need to know is how to settle a dispute between beneficiaries and other stakeholders without spending more on legal fees than you win or retain. Attorney Forgione is proud of how often he helps people find their way forward to places of stability and resolution, often with family relationships intact. Even when hard feelings between legal opponents seem to get the upper hand, he works to help them end their estate dispute in a civil, acceptable manner.

Start Now To Resolve Your Estate-Related Dispute Case

Inheritance disputes each have unique aspects that require customized counsel. Attorney Forgione takes his role as an advocate seriously, seeking favorable results for his clients. With his skills and insights on your side, you can expect your legal dispute to head in the right direction rather than get worse. Give him a chance to help you find the right way forward.

To schedule a free consultation about an estate dispute in or near Stuart, Florida, call 561-730-3926 or send an email inquiry.